How do you find a good laptop?

If you want to buy a laptop, first you have to decide how much money you will buy the laptop and for what purpose you will buy the laptop. Here are some things to know before buying a laptop:

Laptop Processor - Laptop processors are usually of two types namely -
1) Intel processor
2) MD processor

The difference between Intel and MD processes is that Intel processes work much faster than MD processes. For him, the price of Intel process shots is a little higher. Again, the processor has different cores. You can buy Core i3 process if you work in general or office then you have to buy Core i5 process if you play video add or play normal games. And if you play high quality games or do different things then you need to buy Core i7 processor.

Ram - If you want to buy laptop ram then you need to take at least 4GB ram and set the ram according to the core of your laptop process. If the processor core of your laptop is i3 then you need 4GB RAM. And if the core of your laptop's process is i5 then you need to take 8 GB ram. And if your laptop has i7 processor then you need to buy 16GB RAM.

Hard Disk - Hard disk is usually of two types namely- 1) SSD 2) HDD. SSD hard disks work much faster than HDD hard disks. And the necessary data is much more secure on SSD hard disks. SSD hard disk price is also a little higher.

Battery : To buy a laptop battery, you should buy a battery by looking at the 44wh or 50wh text on the laptop. This type of laptop has a battery charge of at least 8 to 10 hours

Size: - Laptops are usually 9 to 17 inches in size. The thin air in the display of the laptop is good because if you go to work or for a walk, you can carry the laptop in a bag very easily.

CPU: - CPU is the brain in computer. There are two main types of CPUs - Intel and MD.


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