Top 5 Android Apps for Voice Recording 2023

In addition to the camera on our smart phones, another very useful thing is voice or audio recording. Through which we can easily capture our own voice as well as class notes, meetings, public events and video voice.

However, we all know that even if we have a built-in microphone in our mobile phone, it is out of many features.

Suppose you only get play and stop buttons, you will not get any option to voice trim or cut.

Another important feature is noise cancellation which is not included in our default microphone app at all.

And I've completely given up on recording audio edits and so on. You won't find it on any phone's built-in microphone.

But the Play Store has a number of third party voice or sound recording apps that will help you professionally record voice with your phone's microphone and edit it to your liking.

Needless to say, these mobile sound or voice recording apps will also help you to record and edit high quality voice.

You can use it to create your own video projects, voice over and your own video content.

Let's find out about the top 5 Android voice recording apps.

1. Dolby On

For those who like studio and radio type deep voice, Dolby On then this is a great audio recorder. Because here you will find different presets of voice style, you can remove the sound from your own voice. You'll be able to trim your audio or voice and boost volume, and you'll also have the option to change the voice tone.

Personally, this is my favorite mobile audio recorder app that is still installed on my phone.

So if you want professional sound or voice value recorded on PC, you must use it.

2. Smart Recorder

Another very common and light mobile sound recording app on our list is Smart Recorder.

This is a very common application where you will find many options for editing audio. However this recorder will help you to record very high quality voice without any additional effects.

This means you can record crystal clear voice and save it directly or share it with anyone.

3. WaveEditor for Android

My main purpose for adding this app to this list is for those who want to focus more on audio recording as well as editing.

Of course you can record sound or voice through it but this app is incomparable for sound editing.

4. Voice Recorder (By quality apps)

Voice Recorder is a very simple voice recording application. The app is easy to use and you will find some useful features here.

The benefits of voice recording are much like those of a microphone.

Sound, decibel, boost, stereo or mono recording, change sound quality, select all types of voice in MP3 and WAV files and most importantly.

You can use the trim option after recording your voice and also adjust the volume as per your requirement.

5. AudioLab - Audio -Editor-Recorder & Ringtone- Maker

AudioLab is more than just an audio recording application. You can easily work with any professional software through it.

This is because besides recording sound, there are many more features including trim, mixing, merge, noise removal, equalizer, fear change, reverse audio, speed change.

If you want to create a ringtone from a voice collection or audio, you can do it easily with the help of this app.

This means that if you want an all-in-one voice recording and editing app, AudioLab will be the best voice recorder for you.

Eventually -

In this list I have highlighted 5 best and free mobile voice recording apps with more and more features.

You can choose according to your choice and need and convenience.

However, I have long believed that you will like each of the applications mentioned here.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment Thanks.


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