Voice Message Updates on WhatsApp

WhatsApp's voice messaging feature is widely used. This voice messaging feature is quite convenient to let someone know about something quickly. WhatsApp is aware of the popularity of this feature, as evidenced by the upcoming update of the upcoming voice messaging feature on WhatsApp.

This upcoming update will greatly enhance the experience of using the voice messaging feature on WhatsApp. Let's find out what features are going to be added in this WhatsApp update.

Voice Message Play Outside Chat

Earlier, there was no opportunity to go out of the chat if you heard a long voice message. In other words, if you want to hear the voice message sent in a chat, you have to stay in that chat. However, this problem is no longer in front. Voice messages can be heard even after leaving the chat after the new update. And this voice message player has the facility to pause, play or dismiss.

Although the feature may seem small, it can be very useful in many situations. We have already seen this kind of feature in Telegram.

Remember Last Playback Position

When listening to a message, the last place you left, the option to listen to the message again from the same place is going to come to WhatsApp. This means that the last playback position of the voice message will be automatically saved.

Recording Pause and Resume Facility

In the past, to send a voice message on WhatsApp, you had to hold and hold it and if you let go, the voice message could be sent. Finally, the facility to pause and resume the voice message record is going to come. In other words, you can record your required words in one message intermittently.

This means that after this update of the voice message recording feature, it will be quite convenient to record the message. Before sending a message, the whole message can be recorded by thinking about the break time during the message record.


Currently, voice messages can be seen in a bar on WhatsApp. After the update, the message waveform will appear instead of the bar. This feature is going to come in handy as a visual for audio messages.

Fast Playback

When playing a voice message, a 1x icon will appear next to the message after the update. By tapping this icon the playback speed of voice message can be increased to 1.5x and 2x. This feature will be very useful to know any information quickly. This feature is especially useful for those who are slow to listen to voice messages.

Users will get the updated WhatsApp voice message update via update soon. If you don't want to miss the upcoming features, always keep your WhatsApp app updated.


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