OxygenOS 13 Announced OnePlus, Shocking Technology World!

OnePlus and Apo's software department merging is certainly not unknown to anyone. The OnePlus 10 series takes the use of the same operating system in phones of both brands one step further. Apo was also supposed to use ColorOS on OnePlus phones.

OnePlus is reportedly working on a different plan at a time when both brands have the same operating system.

OnePlus reports on the development of Oxygen OS 13 based on Android 13, which is a very strange decision considering the above information. OnePlus does not stop at just announcing the new Oxygen OS 13, in the meantime inviting users to the Open Years Forum (OEF), where developers and fans can share their views on the new Android skin.

Being in OxygenOS13 development means that OnePlus has not yet completely moved away from their original identity, OxygenOS branding. Considering the merger of Apo and OnePlus, such a decision of OnePlus can be said to be quite strange. OnePlus and Apo, the merger of the two companies, caught everyone's eye last year.

The main goal of the plan was to create a unified operating system for use on phones of both brands by merging OxygenOS's codebase with ColorOS.

The so-called new unified operating system will have the best features of both interfaces. Oxygen OS 12 was OyenPlus' last custom Android interface. The sudden announcement of OnePlus 13 has left many confused.

Meanwhile, OnePlus has already announced that the new Unified OS will be seen in their flagship phone, the global version of the OnePlus 10 series which is going to be released in a few days.

The OnePlus 10 Pro has already been released in the Chinese market and is powered by Android 12 based ColorOS 12.1. However, the sudden announcement of OxygenOS 13 suggests that OnePlus' iconic OxygenOS may be seen once again.

The idea is that the development of Unified OS, a combination of OxygenOS and ColorOS, has lagged behind. Maybe OnePlus 10 Pro is going to be released globally with OxygenOS 13.


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